AUA besøgende hos Videometer med DiTECT Project

Partnerships and collaborations with different players worldwide are at the core of our values as a company. Therefore, for more than a decade, Videometer has been participating in a series of different research projects with various institutions and bodies across the world. We believe that learning from each other can help us enhance the food industry for a safer and more sustainable future.

Since November 2020, we have been a part of the DiTECT project, together with players from the European Economic Area and China. DiTECT aims at enhancing the food value chain by creating a platform capable of predicting food quality parameters.

As part of the DiTECT project, we had the pleasure of receiving Dr. Anastasia Lytou from the Agricultural University of Athens at Videometer for a period of two weeks. Dr. Lytou carried on her research activities with the VideometerLab and VideometerLite at our offices.

Here, she designed experiments that included the non-destructive prediction of microbiological growths on meat products and researched the use of the Videometer spectral imaging devices with deep UV add-ons for the detection and classification of microbiological colonies.

“I had a very exciting and interesting couple of weeks at Videometer. It was a great pleasure to work with all the Videometer employees and learn things from them that could be incorporated in our activities and upgrade our applications. I am grateful for collaborating with each of them separately.”

We are looking forward to continuing the collaboration with our partners in the DiTECT project and help build a more safe and sustainable food industry.

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