New Industrial 3D camera and software for intelligent robotics supplier for Recab – Mech-Mind

With the mature AI+3D solutions, You can create demanding robotic systems with 3D cameras that help you reduce errors and secure your production from day 1.

Industrial 3D camera and software for intelligent robotics.
Mech-Mind is an industry-leading company focusing on industrial 3D camera and software suite for intelligent robotics. Leveraging 3D vision and AI technologies, products who enable industrial robots to tackle challenging automation tasks. Typical applications include bin picking, depalletizing & palletizing, pick & place, and more. The full-stack product portfolio includes patented industrial 3D camera Mech-Eye, machine vision software Mech-Vision, deep learning software Mech-DLK, and robot programming software Mech-Viz.

System integrators can we deliver demanding robotic systems
Recab will be committed to helping global system integrators to be ahead of the market. We empower them by providing easy-to-use solutions at a competitive price. With the mature AI+3D solutions, system integrators can we deliver demanding robotic systems with ease for their customers. We can also offer comprehensive support for training, marketing, and project collaboration.

About Mech-Mind:
Founded in 2016, Mech-Mind has deployed 3000+ solutions in 50+ countries and regions. They partner with customers from various fields, including automotive, logistics, home appliances, food, and beverage, etc. such as:  


Popular FAQs for Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Camera:

Q1: What is an industrial 3D camera?
An industrial 3D camera is a camera used in industrial applications which can capture objects and reconstruct them from a three-dimensional image. It’s been increasingly used in diverse industries, especially in manufacturing and logistics.

Q2: How does the industrial 3D camera work?
Usually, industrial 3D cameras work with robots to complete various industrial tasks like bin picking, machine tending, assembly, inspection, measurement, etc. Industrial 3D cameras can be mounted on the arm robots to capture and collect 3D data of the target objects, which is fundamental for robots to execute further steps like picking & placing, loading & unloading, etc.

Q3: What are the main features of Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras?
Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras feature high accuracy, fast processing speed, and high-cost performance. Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras have full model options, which cover a wide range of industrial applications with diverse requirements on working distance, accuracy, ambient light resistance, etc.

Q4: What are the most used applications of Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Cameras?
Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras can be used in almost all common robot applications, including bin picking, machine tending, palletizing & depalletizing, automated piece picking, assembly, etc.

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