Recab – Kode-fri robot programmerings software til pålidelig robot applikationer

Engelsk: Mech-Eye 3D camera “sees” target objects, Mech-Vision “understands” depth information of objects, then how to ensure flexible and reliable robotic operations without collisions? That’s where Mech-Viz comes to play – let us present some examples.

How do you define “flexibility and reliability”?
In Mech-Mind’s all-in-one solutions, Mech-Eye, Mech-Vision, and Mech-Viz collaborate with one another to gain greater accuracy, flexibility, and reliability in robotic operations.

Mech-Viz is an intelligent robot programming software for more reliable and efficient robotic operations. With collision detection, motion planning, and other advanced algorithms inside, Mech-Viz enables robots to tackle demanding tasks with great stability, extraordinary flexibility, and outstanding consistency.

Mech-Viz offers users a code-free programming environment and a graphical interface to solve the most challenging machine vision applications through a simple operation. 

Core Advantages for code-free robot programming software for reliable robotic operations: 

 One-click simulation that visualizes the entire motion path of the robot.

⇒ Powerful AI algorithms, including motion planning, collision detection, optimal grasping planning, mixed palletizing algorithms, etc., to enable smooth and reliable robotic operations and solve complex robot applications.

⇒ A code-free graphical user interface allows users to deploy applications without writing a line of code.
⇒ Support for almost all major-brand robots.
⇒ Multiple language packs for one-button switching of software languages.

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