Record revenue: ZEISS concludes fiscal year for the first time with revenue over 10 billion euros

Record revenue: ZEISS concludes fiscal year for the first time with revenue over 10 billion euros

ZEISS Nordics contributed to the record revenue with 840 million SEK

ZEISS Group revenue has risen to over 10 billion euros (10.108 billion euros) for the first time in the company’s history (up 15% compared to the prior Fiscal Year) – EBIT at 1.7 billion euros (up 98 million euros compared to the prior year). ZEISS is investing record sums in research & development (R&D), infrastructure and the transformation of the company.

In a comment on the results of the Fiscal Year 2022-2023, Walther Heger, Managing Director Nordics at ZEISS, states that it is a milestone in ZEISS’ history that the entire ZEISS Group has performed so well.

“The ZEISS Group has achieved an impressive momentum. The awareness of ZEISS as one of the world’s leading technology companies is impressive. In the Nordics, we are extremely proud that we have been able to increase our revenue by up to 10 percent in a year marked by consumers being burdened by high interest rates and rising prices,” said Walther Heger.

According to Walther Heger, most ZEISS business segments in the Nordics have outperformed in 2022-2023.

“The current key growth drivers are the transition within the industry towards new forms of energy and the overall transformation of the automotive industry towards the production of electric vehicles. At ZEISS, we have managed to adapt our offerings to meet the industry’s needs in these areas. Additionally, we contribute to research and provide products, particularly in the medical field, meeting an increased demand for treatments due to a growing aging population,” said Walther Heger.

ZEISS Nordics comprises approximately 180 of ZEISS Group’s total of approximately 43,000 employees.

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