Real-time Machine Data On Your Smartphone

Real-time Machine Data On Your Smartphone

ZEISS – Transform machine data into uptime.

The new ZEISS Smart Services Dashboard app informs you about collisions, measurement capabilities, temperatures, etc. directly via push message. The app is now available for free in all app stores. In addition, there is a new “Roles and Rights” function in the dashboard. From now on, users can create user groups with different rights and combine them with the groupings of measuring rooms.

Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis of Important Data
Monitor the status and utilization of your ZEISS coordinate measuring machines in real time – from anywhere. The ZEISS Smart Services Dashboard provides a central overview of the key performance indicators. This allows you to optimally plan your measurement processes and react quickly and specifically to critical situations. Monitoring the measurement machine with transparent information forms the basis of safety in your processes and reliable measurement results.

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