SkalHuset automatiserer sit nye lager med AutoStore-løsning fra Kardex

Engelsk: As order volume increases, maintaining tight delivery times becomes challenging – putting pressure on the existing order picking, consolidation and packing processes. To keep pace with their rapid growth, will equip their new warehouse with a modern, flexible and tailored AutoStore solution from Kardex., a Swedish e-commerce company selling mobile and computer accessories online, has delivered more than 1,000,000 orders to customers throughout Sweden, since their start in 2011. To manage increasing order volume, they will implement an AutoStore solution from Kardex to handle orders quickly and ergonomically. Digitization of the order fulfillment processes will also reduce administration costs and improve inventory planning, reporting and accuracy. By maximizing their existing storage space, they will be able to eliminate their decentralized storage in Södertälje and manage all inventory under one roof.

“This project is really exciting as it is Kardex’s first AutoStore installation in the Nordics, since we officially became a global AutoStore partner,” explains Nicklas Lövqvist, Area Sales Manager at Kardex. “This innovative robotic cube solution is perfect for SkalHuset’s product range and meets their requirements for fast order handling and optimal storage density. They will significantly increase their capacity and improve their efficiency by eliminating time spent walking and searching for parts throughout the warehouse”.

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