Seminar om Audiotest hos Sound Hub Denmark

Join us 25th May 2022 at the event The Future of Audio Measurements w. Steve Temme hosted by SoundHub Denmark

Join us for a great day in Struer on top-level audio measurements in SoundCheck®

Specific focus is on how to improve Efficiency and yield, measure in Real-world conditions, plus Free-field measurements without a test chamber.
This short seminar is highly relevant for everyone working with test of audio products, both in R&D and production.

Once again we welcome Founder and President of Listen, Inc., Steve Temme and Vibrakustik to share news from SoundCheck optimising test efficiency. The main topics demonstrated will be:

Perceptual Distortion Measurements
enable yield to be increased by rejecting only devices with audible Rub & Buzz defects rather than any distortion defects. Listen’s new enhanced Perceptual Rub & Buzz (ePRB) algorithm is the first to perform better than the human ear!

Accurate Headphone Measurements in Real World Conditions
In this demo-focused session, we will demonstrate how to accurately measure Headphones and Hearing Assistance Devices under real world conditions, for example, measuring ANC with real background noise.

New Features in SoundCheck®
The newly released SoundCheck 20 is at the forefront of audio measurement with new features for multichannel and communications, increasing its capabilities for audio measurement of smart speakers, infotainment systems, headphones/hearables, and other voice-activated and multichannel devices.

Free-field Speaker Measurements without an anechoic chamber
Can’t get access to an anechoic chamber? The demonstrated SoundCheck measurement technique is easy to configure and enables you to make highly accurate free-field measurements in an ordinary room.

Sound Hub Denmark has the software and recommended equipment in house to further assist you after this seminar.

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