TME – 7-segment LED-displays fra OPTO Plus

Engelsk: Universal solutions with low power consumption.

The TME catalogue includes a wide range of optoelectronic components. These include high-quality LCD displays and some basic components: LEDs and 7-segment LED displays. One of the leading suppliers of the latter is the OPTO plus brand.


OPD-S5620G-BW LED display

Single digit seven segment LED displays from OPTO Plus come in variants with a digit height of 14.2 mm (0.56″). The advantage of these products is the reduced power demand. In addition, they are characterised by the even illumination of each segment. You can choose from the most popular wavelengths (from 525 nm to 644 nm – listed in the table below). The front of the display is black, , so it can easily be hidden behind a translucent panel.

The components have leads for through-hole mounting (THT) and are available in both common anode and common cathode versions.


Display type: LED

LED type: 7-segment

Digit height: 14.2mm (0.56″)

Number of digits: 1

Mounting: THT

Wavelength λd*: 525…644nm

Brightness*: 8…160mcd

Common electrode*: anode or cathode

Dimensions: 19×12.6x8mm

* depending on the model

Product overview:

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